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Character Background

This system lets you edit your character's background. You may perform this function up until the time you're approved for IC play. The web-based interface includes help within it. Note: in order to use it, you must first create a character on the game, then set your web password. See '+help setwebpass' for more information on how to do this. Once you have set your password, click the link below. Your username is your character's name, while the password is the password you set for the web.

Edit Your Background

Document Files Online

This facility lets you view the document files that are available within the game via the web. The rendering may not be perfect on these; please remember this is done via emulation of the MUSH protocols. Report bugs via the bugs queue on the game. Please indicate the document you are viewing, and a description of what it's doing wrong.

In each document that you view, you will generally have up to four different 'directions' you can go. Above the document text, the item on the left permits you to view the 'previous' document in a sequence. The item in the middle permits you to go 'up' one level. The item on the right lets you go to the 'next' document in a sequence. If there are any documents 'underneath' this one, those documents will appear in a listing below the document text.

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