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Denver Maps

Full-size versions:

Denver's basic layout
The boundries of the Free Trade Zone

Small versions:

Denver's basic layout
The boundries of the Free Trade Zone

Sample Backgrounds

These sample backgrounds are a random sampling of good backgrounds from already existing players on the game. These players have given permission for their backgrounds to be reposted. These are by no means the 'minimum' quality or length a background must be in order to be approved; these are simply examples of backgrounds that were considered better than average and might give you an idea of what we're looking for in them.

Brynn - Physical Adept  (18K)
Dusty - Street Samurai  (13K)
Kotenka - Physical Adept  (7K)
Martin - Decker  (11K)
Slinger - Hermetic Mage  (46K)
Thorn - Street Samurai  (26K)

Player Web Pages

Kirin's Homepage
Spider Murphy's general SR page
The Athenian Foundation
Shadows of the Mile High City
Xallen's Lair
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