So he is not a lion.

Picture of a

So he happens to be a grey lynx, instead. He is, however, the gatekeeper to this place, the Silver Lion's den; it is his eyes who keep track of such things, when she is away. Treat him kindly, if you would.

As is fitting, the entry to this cave shall be devoted to a slight hint of a map of the depths of its interior, some merest sketches, some more detailed. Such is the way of these things, is it not? So.

There is also, recently added, a selection of poetry (and possibly eventually other things) which I have written. Please see the Book.

Additionally, some of my drawings and artwork are now located in the Gallery.

Another section addendum is my new Boston Red Sox - Major League Baseball fan page, which is getting more attention than the rest of this page because I'm still in postseason trauma.

Now up and running, the Cooking for Writers who Forget to Eat Resource, a list of recipes and food tips for those people who tend to forget to deal with minor things like basic nutrition when confronted with a sudden development of progress in a scene.

For more personal-type information, I've decided to install a bio page.

And now, for a few words from our sponsors:

The Comedic Intellectual Front: liberate the wonks!

Visit Elfwood

My Elfwood pages are both for artwork, some of which is also on this page, and for my writing.

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